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I've completly re-done the basic layout of my page for the Auckland Museum, so that's it mulitple pages - one for each section. As the orginal page was ridiculously long and took a long time to download even with broadband, so I've essentially seperated all of the photos into small groups on their own pages...

Now it's just a matter of going back and taking some more photos, espically in the areas that either need bulking out due to the fact that I have almost no photos of that part of the museum or beacuse I don't like some/all of the photos I have taken. (For example I want to take some photos of the outside of the museum when it's a nice day with blue skies to replace the photos I have with grey clouds, pluse I want to take to take some photos some things that are outside like gun implacements that i don't ahve photos of yet...).
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