"Lorne St Mural"

There is a Bansky inspired mural outside the public library, which is actually really good - Lorne St Mural. It is a pity someone else has already tagged over the face in the mural :(

Auckland Art Week 2014

I've just finished putting my photos from the Auckland Art Week 2014, which ended on Sunday the 19th. There were a number of events I couldn't take photos at, the largest display at the Art Gallery for example did not allow photography at all.

Auckland Museum photos

I've completly re-done the basic layout of my page for the Auckland Museum, so that's it mulitple pages - one for each section. As the orginal page was ridiculously long and took a long time to download even with broadband, so I've essentially seperated all of the photos into small groups on their own pages...

Now it's just a matter of going back and taking some more photos, espically in the areas that either need bulking out due to the fact that I have almost no photos of that part of the museum or beacuse I don't like some/all of the photos I have taken. (For example I want to take some photos of the outside of the museum when it's a nice day with blue skies to replace the photos I have with grey clouds, pluse I want to take to take some photos some things that are outside like gun implacements that i don't ahve photos of yet...).

Christmas decorations

I've been slowly adding photos to my main Christmas 2013 page, as and when I come across something I think is different - a lot of the decorations I see in the city or in shopping malls are boring standard ones so I don't bother. I added my photos I took of the Franklin Road Christmas Lights 2013 last week, some of them came out surpisingly well.

No changes to my Auckland Santa Parade 2013 of course...

Auckland Christmas parade & decorations

I've just finished updating my pages of photos of the Christmas 2013 decorations - the ones in the central city inclduing the Smith & Caughey Windows in particular - and the Auckland Santa Parade 2013 pages. Still got the Frandklin Road lights to go of course as they don't start until the 1st of Decemeber, amoung other things... :)

Wool Graffiti in Devonport, Auckland

There's some really well done "wool graffiti" in the Devonport shopping centre at the moment - actually there is a group that has been putting up different wool graffiti over the last 1 to 2 years now. (I think it's an art collective type group). Most of the photos - Wool Graffiti - as there are a number of large photos I'm sure people don't want me flooding their friends list with :) My favourite by a long shot is the one with the frogs on it :)
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I just had to share, and feijoas are such a kiwi thing

This was so cute and amazing. It sold for $1000 on TradeMe this weekend with half the funds going to the Child Cancer Foundation
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Kiwi Music

May is NZ Music Month!  Time for a favourites list...  Please feel free to add your recommendations: what songs/bands/albums do you love?
Links included so you can hear some of their music.  If you're gonna buy some new music this month, make it Kiwi!
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Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa

If you've made it this far then you are either a kiwi or a fan of our beautiful country. Welcome!

Feel free to use this community to discuss anything related to New Zealand, or to find friends from New Zealand, or even to get some suggestions of good places to visit if you're planning on travelling here.

Hope you enjoy.

ka kite ano